Hello and welcome to VK3RMC!

VK3RMC is located in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Operating under the VK3RMC callsign, there are 6 repeaters on multiple modes. All repeaters are in the same location and serve the South Eastern Suburbs. VK3RMC is operated by the Moorabbin & District Amateur Radio Club (VK3APC).

VK3RMC Repeater Frequencies

  • 2m D-Star – 146.7625mhz
  • 2m Analogue – 147.325mhz
  • 70cm D-Star – 438.125mhz
  • 70cm Analogue – 439.875mhz – IRLP Node #6300
  • 70cm DMR Digital – 439.375mhz
  • 23cm D-Star – 1293.975mhz

D-Star Details

The VK3RMC D-Star details can be found at http://www.dstar.org.au/vk3rmc.htm

DMR Digital

DMR Digital is a very new Radio Format. A small group of VK3 Amateur operators in the South Eastern Suburbs invested in some of these DMR enabled radios on the UHF Band. With a successful trial of the radios, the group invested in a DMR enabled UHF repeater. The repeater was then donated to the MDRC and installed at the VK3RMC repeater site.

You can read more DMR at – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_mobile_radio


Feel free to give us a call on VK3RMC or on the 70cm Analogue enabled node of #6300